Updated 11/5/2021



  • Contract Systems for ERC721, ERC 1155 ERC20
  • Complete Alpha Testing of NFT Marketplace
  • Complete Alpha of first four games (Unity Web)
  • Launch of Lovelink Connector (Ethereum to Cardano)


  • Issue $LACE as a ERC20 compatible token (BSC, Polygon, ETH) and native Cardano asset
  • Genesis Adanimals NFT Sale
  • NFT Marketplace Launch on Ethereum, Polygon, and Binance Smart Chain
    • ERC-1155 implementation For Gamers and Creators T
  • Testing Marketplace Plutus Smart Contracts (Cardano)
    • Hackathon with Plutus Pioneers Program Developers
    • Gero wallet Integration
  • LP Staking and Farming
  • NFT Staking and Token Mining
  • Adanimals Play-to-Earn Game Launches
    • PVE and PVP earning native $LACE and In-game tokens
    • Ability to Earn Partner Tokens and Rewards



  • Issue $LACE as a native Cardano asset
  • Whitelabeled solutions for selected Creators
  • Piloting Smart Contract Solutions for DeFi on Cardano
  • Integration of Cardano DeFi Solutions
  • Cross-chain Atomic Swaps
    • Eth-Matic
    • Eth-Solana
    • Eth-Cardano
  • Cross-chain Payment Solutions
  • Fiat on and off-ramp for Marketplace product


  • SDK for Brands and Projects
  • NFT Tools for Tangible Assets


  • NFT Vault Concept Release
  • NFT Index Concept Release
  • Gen 2 Adanimals Sale
  • Land Gameplay
  • Game Development SDK
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