Comprehensive Creator Tools

Creators on our platform will have access to the same tools we use in our own games in order to build the best experiences for their fans.

Custom Marketplace Storefront - Customizable marketplace to highlight the creator's style and existing customers

In-game Currency Creation - Create fungible fan tokens with direct utility within your game

  • Token templates

  • P2E Token and NFT Emission models

  • Audited smart contracts

NFT Minting - Next generation NFT development tools

  • Drag-and-drop creation tools

  • Dynamic metadata changer

  • Generative art randomizer

Staking & Rewards Programs- Fully audited native staking platform for NFT and FT designed to create gamified holding and staking conditions

  • NFT Staking for Rewards

  • Timed/scheduled airdrops for holding

  • Sweepstakes

  • Block-based mining

  • Random rewards

Gamified Community Participation - Tech enhanced group activities designed to build a strong gamer base and foster fan connection

  • Contests on user-generated content

  • Discord community integration and VIP membership

  • Cross-chain bridging & incentivization

Game Components - Utilize our P2E blockchain game components to build your core gaming product! Have a game ready to play day of launch. Built in Unity and Browser/Mobile compatible formats.

  • AI Character Chat Bots utilizing proprietary learning model designed to

    • Create connection to your character and

    • Create minigames that involve getting specific conversation trees with your character

  • Proprietary Gaming Engines Hyper casual P2E game templates built in Unity that can be used as a starting point for any brand to create their own game or a temporary "appetizer" game while the full game is being developed. Phase 1 games are as follows:

    1. Runner

    2. Stacker

    3. Cooking

    4. Rhythm

    5. Puzzle

    6. Arcade Shooter

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