Every Lovelace World created NFT is an original experience for the token holder and project creator. Each one will be designed with play-to-earn capabilities for games, or participate-to-earn capability for non-game projects. We also believe NFT issuances do not necessarily have to be a one-time event, instead, allowing a project to iterate and its community to provide feedback on current or future issuances.

Lovelace NFTs are designed to be interoperable with the entire Lovelace metaverse as well as other partner projects created and launched on the Lovelace platform. We do not believe in forced utility, only organic partnerships that are complimentary. Thus, while we cannot guarantee interoperability with any specific partner, we will work with projects in our ecosystem to find strong synergies and maximize the opportunity for partnerships. As our platform partners grow, our library of potential interoperable use cases grows with it making participation in our ecosystem a growing investment in every project.

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