The Lovelace token ($LACE) is an ERC20 standard asset (across EVM compatible infrastructure) and a Cardano native asset with a total fixed supply of 250,000,000 tokens. Total supply of $LACE will remain the same across all infrastructure.

Staking Contracts and specific Lovelace developed games will be deployed on multiple chains to enable participation by marketplaces, DEX users, and token holders.

Total allocation is as follows:

  • 55,000,000 (22%) Lovelace will be allocated to community participation events

  • 50,000,000 (20%) will be vested long-term by team members

  • 12,500,000 (5%) will be vested long-term by Advisors

  • 53,750,000 (21.5%) will be vested over 24 months and be used to strengthen the Lovelace ecosystem

  • 25,000,000 (10%) will be used for liquidity in DEX and CEX across various blockchains and infrastructure

  • 53,750,000 (21.5%) tokens will be used as network participation rewards in and out of games

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