Lovelace Marketplace

The Lovelace marketplace is place for the discovery of new and existing NFTs. It is where partner platforms list their NFTs for sale or where NFT holders can re-sell NFTs. Lovelace wants to be an open ecosystem for NFTs regardless of platform, token standard or blockchain. Thus we intend to support Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain, Polygon, Astar (formerly Plasm) with an initial focus on our long-term partner, Cardano. As Cardano has yet to develop a market for NFTs, we intend to be one of the first to create a solution for the fast growing and rapidly evolving blockchain ecosystem.

The marketplace will feature unique features such as integrated token staking, cross-chain escrowed NFT swapping, support for payments in crypto and fiat, and compatibility with a diverse array of multi-chain wallet solutions.

Marketplace listing are vetted and curated to assure the high-quality experience by our community. An in-house curation and review team reviews all partner projects and listings. Community members can also propose and vote on the inclusion of new and existing NFT assets in addition to the efforts made by our in-house team.

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