The Case of Too Little or Too Much

Many platforms allow creators to indiscriminately list their NFTs which supports an open, non-permissioned and decentralized economy. However, we have found that this comes at great cost to the community as a whole, as higher quality NFTs become nearly impossible to discover, and projects that have the potential to move the NFT industry into its next generation never see the light of day.

Non-curated platforms result in questionable quality NFTs being posted for astronomical amounts. Case in point, this NFT is being offered at more than USD 15 million (5,000 ETH) on a leading NFT marketplace.

The opposite of this approach has its own issues. Platforms that curate NFTs generate revenue on the primary sale of new issuances and thus look for NFTs that have maximum marketability. These invariably end up being celebrity issuances or digital work from renowned artists. They almost never approach curation from an exploration of the NFT metaverse, their accompanying blockchain technologies, capabilities, interoperability or overall expression as a blockchain programmable asset. This can be expected as art auction house style platforms are not vested in the technical growth and exploration of NFT metaverses.

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